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Breaking Convention & Psychedelics News


Breaking Convention generates a lot of news.  This is a critical part of our work to raise the importance of psychedelics across the world and in all disciplines, but particularly where they can assist with harm reduction.

We are a biennial conference, which means the news listed here is divided: Check out the latest news covering recent articles featuring changes to the psychedelics landscape, and see previous news for a selection of articles specifically from BC 2017, our last conference.  These are provided here for research purposes.  As BC 2019 approaches, more articles will be linked here so check back regularly to keep in the loop.

Do get in touch if you know of articles recently published about either Breaking Convention or psychedelics in general and we'll take a look.


    New Atlas, 25 Oct 2018.  Psychedelic psilocybin therapy for depression granted Breakthrough Therapy status by FDA
    BBC, 18 Oct 2018.  Canada becomes second country to legalise recreational cannabis
    MSN, 10 Oct 2018.  The Legalization Issue: From medpot to the next frontier – psychedelics as medicine
    Now Toronto, 3 Oct 2018.  A Peter Thiel-backed startup has raised $25 million to unleash a 'virgin market of for-profit psychedelic research'
    MAPS, 20 Aug 2018.  Reduction in social anxiety after MDMA-assisted psychotherapywith autistic adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlledpilot study


    MAPS, 26 Aug 2017.  FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation for MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD, Agrees on Special Protocol Assessment for Phase 3 Trials
    The Sun, 2nd July 2017.  E'S ARE GOOD Ecstasy being tested as part of revolutionary treatment to help alcoholics beat their addiction
    Vice, 5 July 2017.  [Deutsch]  Dieser Mann hat in drei Jahren 600 mal DMT geraucht
    Warp, 3 July 2017.  [Espanõl]  Comenzarán a usar el MDMA en Inglaterra para tratar el alcoholismo
    Franceinfo, 3 July 2017.  [Français]  La MDMA pour soigner l'alcoolisme : attention de ne pas jouer « aux apprentis-sorciers »