Alexander Beiner
Co-founder of both Rebel Wisdom and Open Meditation

Alexander Beiner is a writer, psychedelic theorist and co-founder of Open Meditation, a social enterprise that teaching non-religious meditation.

He specialises in Integral Theory and how structured, ceremonial psychedelic experiences can be combined with a meditation practice to heighten self-awareness and development.

He's the author of 'Beyond the Basin', has written on psychedelics for ‘The Guardian’, and his essay 'The Psychedelic Shadow' appears in the 2014 Breaking Convention book Neurotransmissions.

Psychedelic Meditation based on TTI.

Open Meditation teaches non-religious mindfulness meditation.

We also specialise in the combination of mindfulness meditation and structured, ceremonial and legal psychedelic experiences as a practice for increasing self-awareness and self-development.

The workshop will explore meditation techniques that can be used to navigate and integrate psychedelic experiences more effectively, drawing on Open Meditation’s TTI (Trip, Train, Integrate) model.