Ana Ladou
Change advisor

Fundraising for Psychedelic Research

- Strategic thought partner for family foundation leaders, nonprofit boards, and executive leaders in transition.
- Warm and engaging facilitator adept at difficult conversations and successfully navigating complex relationships and situations.
- Team builder from assessment, review, and development to search and coaching.
- Lights up talking about financial forecasting, increasing asset efficiencies, developing real estate strategy, and exploring PRI’s and CDFI’s.
- Fearlessly takes on challenging situations, quickly assesses risks and opportunities, and develops workable solutions that incorporate on-the-ground realities.
- Expertise in accurate assessment, thoughtful strategy, decisive execution, mission realignment, crisis management and leadership development making your organisation strong, effective, and resilient.
- Successfully built nonprofits from the ground up and turned around struggling agencies. Experience with local, national and international reach.