Andy Roberts

Andy is a historian of Britain’s LSD psychedelic culture and author of Albion Dreaming: A Social History of LSD in Britain (Marshall Cavendish 2008, 2012) and Acid Drops (Psychedelic Press, 2016). His other research interests include, listening to music, hill walking, beach combing, reading, landscapes and their mysteries, natural history and paranormal phenomena.

Musically, he has been severely influenced and affected by the Grateful Dead and the Incredible String Band among a host of others. He first fell down the rabbit hole in 1972 and has been exploring the labyrinth of passages ever since. His views on the psychedelic experience are (basically) – You take a psychedelic and you get high. What happens after that is largely the result of dosage, set and setting.

March 1977, Britain saw the largest ever series of organised drug squad raids in one twenty four hour period. This was the culmination of a police initiative conducted by a specially created national drug squad and named ‘Operation Julie’. ‘Julie’ had been convened in 1975 to identify, track, observe, infiltrate, convict and smash an LSD manufacturing and distribution ring which was producing and supplying millions of doses of high quality LSD.

Using extracts from contemporaneous audio visual materials, taped interview with one of the two acid chemists a recent (2017) video interview with Smiles
(Alston Hughes), this talk brings fresh thought and insight to a part of Britain’s psychedelic history we must not forget and whose full story has not yet been told.