Bernadette Martinez Hernandez
Meditation trainer

Ego death for beginners

This workshop introduces simple, yet powerful, exercises that gently generate small scale ego-dissolving experiences. By means of this gentle exploration, attendees expand their awareness, presence and ability to navigate mind and body during a peak experience (with and without entheogens). Exercises are designed to be safe and playful spaces for exploration; they range from awareness games to verbal interactions. Their key marker is their simplicity, a quality that allows them to be easily replicated and built into a self-discovery practice. Attendees expand their understanding of suitable practices for the preparation, navigation and integration of an ego dissolving experience.

Bernadette completed an MSc in Computational Logic and a PhD in Computer Science. She left academia to work as a Software Developer for several years. Later, she felt driven to immerse in the study and practice of intense forms of meditation and self-inquiry to become a certified Orgasmic Meditation trainer and coach. Bernadette enjoys indigenous rituals and consciousness expansion events with and without the use of entheogens. As many of her regular practices involve staying present in peak experiences, she has developed techniques and tools that can be easily translated to prepare, navigate and integrate ego-dissolving experiences.