Britta Love
Somatic sex educator

What Could a Conscious, Psychedelic #MeToo Look Like?

In step with the rest of the world, the psychedelic community is having its #MeToo moment. #MeToo has amplified the voices of those harmed, called for accountability for those in positions of power, and brought the issues of sexual harassment and assault into everyday discourse - but can it transform dysfunctional dynamics that are deeply embedded in our cultural operating system?

Within a subculture that posits the potential of psychedelics to effect powerful social change, it seems appropriate to ask: What could a conscious, psychedelic #MeToo look like?

This discussion will include reflections on gender, sexuality, patriarchy and power, a trauma-informed cultural somatics approach to social change, restorative and transformative justice, and non-hierarchical healing models.

Britta Love is a somatic sex educator, writer and healer currently completing a research-based memoir about healing and awakening through conscious sexual practice and psychedelic ritual, based on her Consciousness Studies thesis completed at Goddard College. She became an advocate for sex worker’s rights as an undergraduate at the London School of Economics in 2007 and has been a writer and activist pushing for the decriminalisation of drugs and sex work ever since. Britta has spoken at the Psymposia Conference at Amherst College, as well as presented or facilitated workshops at the New School and venues across New York City. Her writing has been featured on Medium, Alternet, The Raw Story, Reality Sandwich, and Chacruna and she has been interviewed for WGDR as well as podcasts like Psychedelics Today.