Christa Mackinnon
Social psychologist

She Dances and Trances Again – Embodying the Feminine

This talk is based on my chapter ‘She Dances and Trances again – Exploring, Healing and Developing Feminine Aspects through Trance Dance’ in ‘Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine’ (2019). It will very briefly outline how human development from hunter-gatherer tribes to ‘civilised societies’ inevitably led to the de-valuing, distortion and suppression of embodied feminine aspects of the human psyche and the over-valuing and dominance of dis-embodied masculine aspects. This development, which corresponds mainly – but not only – with the de-valuing, suppression, exclusion and persecuting of women on every level of developing societies, not only created generations of deeply wounded women, but a collective psyche that is to a dangerous extent out of balance. The talk then looks at trance dance, an ecstatic embodied earth-based practice in its shamanic and contemporary forms as a means to explore and re-claiming the ecstatic of the feminine, healing its wounding, expressing its powers and aid transformational processes.

Workshop for women: The archetypal medicine woman within and her role in the paradigm shift

The medicine woman is one of the most suppressed and persecuted archetypes in patriarchal history. She nevertheless often lies at the heart of women’s quests to re-claim and manifest their powers and embodied wisdom, coming increasingly into consciousness in one of her many aspects, such as the seer, the oracle, the sorceress, the shaman, the herbalist, the midwife, the spiritual feminine leader, the wild earth woman or the heroine. In this workshop we will utilise journeying, movement, drumming and other means to contact our specific inner wild medicine woman and discuss how we can embody her specific skills, develop and utilise them to step into our power and contribute to the necessary change. Bring a yoga mat and drum if you own one.

Christa Mackinnon (MSc) is a social psychologist, family counsellor, hypnotherapist, university lecturer and shamanic teacher. She is the author of various books and articles, combining contemporary psychology with shamanism, and about the feminine.

Christa currently holds a post as an honorary teaching fellow at the University of Exeter, Medical School, is the director of ‘Bridging the Worlds’, where she facilitates courses for therapeutic professionals, combining indigenous spiritual traditions with contemporary therapeutic approaches, a subject she also lectures, talks and writes about. She also co-founded ‘Women Weaving Change’, a training school for modern Medicine Women and female change-makers.