Gita Vaid
Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)—Trance and Transformation - The First Legal Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Ketamine as an assisted psychotherapy is the first legally available psychedelic medicine in the toolbox. We have been developing KAP and training KAP practitioners—by year’s end 260 worldwide-- didactically and experientially in our methodology. Workshop participants will be presented with KAP’s potentialities, our methods of practice, the generation of psychedelic psychotherapy in the KAP process, and its utility and benefits for a variety of diagnoses and human dilemmas. We invite those qualified to train and administer KAP as a breakthrough modality. Our non-profit Ketamine Research Foundation contains the full human studies bibliography; our research projects, data collection process, and much more. Our just published first ever KAP study of 235 patients is available at the JoPD.

Gita Vaid, MD is a Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst practicing in New York City. Dr Vaid’s current focus and interest is in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. She is a MAPS trained psychotherapist and currently practices KAP while developing psychotherapy models to reimagine how psychotherapy is practiced and might be blended with various complementary modalities.