Jade Netanya Ullmann
Fund raiser

Fundraising for Psychedelic Research

Psychedelics are becoming evermore part of popular culture and the mainstream. Has that affected fundraising for this movement? What are some of the essential techniques for successful, strategic relationship building? Hear more about MAPS’ ethos of donor development and engagement.

Jade Netanya Ullmann has been the Major Gifts Maven, Officer and Connector at MAPS for the past 4 years. She is a member of the Threshold Foundation’s Psychedelic Research Education & Policy funders circle. She has been Pipeline Fellow angel investor that has supported female entrepreneurs who are running social ventures. Jade is a member of the Ullmann Family Foundation, Jewish Funders Network and serves on the board of Jewish Renewal Organisations Romemu and ALEPH.

Jade is a graduate of Naropa University, a Buddhist college in Boulder, Colorado. She lives in New York City, where she is a founding member of The Assemblage, a spiritual co-working venue where MAPS’ has its NYC private practice, Phase 3 clinic for MDMA for PTSD. Jade has been engaged in activism and served as an ambassador for the Social Venture Network, Zen Peacemakers and Art Kibbutz. She is very excited to be at Breaking Convention this year for the first time!