Jasmin Thomas
Cannabis entrepreneur

Setting Up a Business in the Legal Cannabis Industry and What You Need to Be Aware Of

The legal cannabis industry is the biggest growth industry since the dot com boom. This talk will outline the basics of what it is really like to set up a business through the confusion of the legal cannabis market here in the UK. Highlighting some of the struggles and the joys that come with working in a nascent industry.

Jasmin is the founder of Ohana CBD and is one of London’s upcoming cannabis entrepreneurs. Ohana is a natural lifestyle brand offering a CBD infused skincare range, recipes and updates on the benefits of cannabinoids. Her journey with cannabis started when she was diagnosed with MS in 2015 and started treating her symptoms with CBD oil. Jasmin also co-found the entOURage network along side Jessica Steinberg creating a platform to engage and empower women in the legal cannabis industry.