Matthew Watkins

Maths for Psychonauts

The “Maths for Psychonauts” session is part freestyle performance maths lecture, part open-ended Q&A discussion. Bring your most profound questions of a mathematical nature, and we'll see where this goes! Previous workshops have been known to tangent off into philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, physics, sociology and more. Common areas of interest in the psychonaut community tend to be infinity and transfinite numbers, fractals, e, pi, prime numbers, higher dimensions and “sacred geometry”, but Matthew is happy to talk about anything remotely mathematical, within the bounds of his knowledge. ​

Matthew is a mathematician best known in the psychedelic research community for his critique of Terence McKenna’s “Timewave” theory (what McKenna dubbed the “Watkins Objection”). That was shortly after he finished a PhD in pure maths at the University of Kent in 1994. He has since had published a trilogy of psychedelically-informed books about the number system and its role in the underlying nature of reality (Secrets of Creation) as well as an innovatively formatted history of the Universe (You Are Here). He's also responsible for the occasional videoblog The Reality Report and the monthly podcast Canterbury Sans Frontières.