Melissa Warner
Education and Communication Officer, Mind Medicine Australia

Psychedelic Assisted Mindfulness: Altered States to Altered Traits

While altered states can open a portal, a new perspective, what is enduring? When do altered states lead to altered traits?

With these questions in mind, we will explore the concept of ‘psychedelic-assisted mindfulness’.

We will explore the relationship between meditation and psychedelics through history, within neural networks and in practice. We will learn how anyone can use biotech advances such as biofeedback, AR/VR and neurofeedback to support their process. The workshop will empower participants with a with a practical meditation practice adapted from the Dzogchen school of Buddhism for psychedelic preparation.

Are psychedelics really the gateway drug for meditation?

Melissa Warner is on a mission to cultivate and articulate an evidence-based understanding of mental health and consciousness. Melissa is Education and Communications Officer at Mind Medicine Australia, Secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM) and co-founder of The Australian Psychedelic Society. After graduating in Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne, Melissa took a deep dive into Buddhist meditation practice under Mingyur Rinponche. Along with her studies into the mind, Melissa informs her forecasting of next-generation mental health treatment through her roots in science, art, performance and interest in technology. Melissa seeks to empower others with personal agency and psychological well-being.