Nikki Wyrd
Director of Breaking Convention

Wyrd Times: Do Psychedelic Substances Help Us Scry For A Better Tomorrow?

Futurecasting has great value to society, and at a time of considerable step changes in all aspects of ‘how we live’, the enhancement of the imagination’s connections provided by psychedelic usage improves our chances of spotting advantageous combinations between and within multifarious strands of life.

In this talk, Nikki Wyrd explores the mycelial networks giving rise to phenomena such as maker spaces, co-housing, shared resource pools, and ways that the boundaryless psychedelic state amplifies the strong, yet informal, social connectivity so vital to their success. She also describes
some of the personal visions she has been offered by various medicines, and considers the incredible power of literally seeing into the futures which these alchemical substances provide.

Nikki was conceived at the end of 1967, making it onto the planet just as things began to get really interesting. After spending several years with her head stuck inside thousands of books, she took a few decades to look around at things and people, including herself.

Nowadays she constructively criticizes other people's work, as Editor of Psychedelic Press UK, Director of Breaking Convention, Director of The Psychedelic Museum, and freelance copy editor for a growing list of prestigious clients. She occasionally lectures on occult matters, and has facilitated a number of highly regarded residential retreats. She also runs The Universe Machine, a small publishing house specializing in thought-provoking books. Her best work is yet to come.