Paul North
Managing Director of Volteface

Cannabis and Politics – How Close are We to Legalising Cannabis in the UK?

As cannabis reform gathers pace around the globe, how close is the UK to following suit? What models are likely to be supported by politicians and how can deep moral objections which exist across society be addressed? Should cannabis be regulated and sold like alcohol or tobacco, or do we need to go back to the drawing board and think about cannabis in an entirely different light? Paul will share what he has learnt about changing people's minds, from the nine years he spent working in drug treatment to his more recent role at the drug advocacy group Volteface.

Paul North is a Managing Director at Volteface, an influential cross party advocacy organisation which seeks to reduce the harm drugs pose to individuals and society, through evidence-based policy and reform. After obtaining a degree in criminology and working in the drug treatment sector for nine years, Paul saw first hand the damage the UK’s drug policies inflict on society and became inspired to reform them. Alongside his role at Volteface, Paul is a Director for the harm reduction group and volunteers for the drug testing charity 'The Loop'.