Phil Richards
Workshop facilitator

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation

Psychedelic Yoga equips participants with yogic techniques to prepare the body & mind for the psychedelic experience, whilst practicing tools which assist in navigation & integration. We will explore ‘intention setting’ (giving a focus for healing), postures (releasing tension and preparing for the journey), pranayama (quietening the mind & surrendering to the medicine), mantras & mudras (navigating planes of consciousness), philosophy & meditation (integrating the experience). The sound meditation is designed to facilitate enhanced states of consciousness & is created with 38” gongs, shamanic drumming, singing bowls, flutes, samples from nature, a loop station, overtoning & medicine songs.

Infinite Spirit Sounds was created by Phil & Jamie Richards to deliver events which utilize the healing potential of sound, yoga & meditation, in relation to inner work with psychedelic medicines.They facilitate in psychedelic ceremonies & have worked on The Psychedelic Society’s ‘Experience Retreats’. Phil is qualified through the British Wheel of Yoga & has studied with the Ramakrisha & Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, & the FWO & Rigpa Buddhist organisations.