Richard Spurgeon
Psychosynthesis psychotherapist

Encounters with the Dark Side: Shadow-work and Light-play in Psychedelic Experience - A Therapeutic Discussion, Sharing and Support Workshop

Experiences of the dark side, of seemingly evil, negative and destructive forces and energies can be the most difficult of all psychedelic experiences to make sense of, work with and integrate. In this workshop we will explore the central importance of set and setting, re-contextualizing and transforming these types of experience in a safe and supportive environment, using an eco-psychospiritual therapeutic perspective. It will be a space for sharing, healing and inner transformation where we learn how to find their lessons and gifts as we open to our collective wisdom, to Spirit and to the healing power of Love.

Richard Spurgeon (Dip Psych, MA Psych). A spontaneous peak experience at the age of 20 has led me to a lifetime of exploring Consciousness. I trained as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London and had a successful practice in South Devon. I then worked as a drugsworker with young people before becoming Drugs Services Coordinator for West Cornwall. A fundamental disagreement over the future of Government drugs policy caused a parting of the ways. Since then I have continued my own journey of healing and learning, whilst doing Dancefloor Energy Work at gatherings and festivals around the UK and Europe.