Rosalind Watts
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Rosalind Watts is the Clinical Lead of the Imperial College Psilocybin for Depression trial (Psilodep 2). She trained as a clinical psychologist at UCL and practised psychotherapy for 6 years before joining the Imperial Psychedelic Research Group, led by Robin Carhart-Harris. Rosalind designed the therapy protocol for Psilodep 2, works as a lead 'guide' alongside three other therapists, and is running the day-to-day aspects of the trial.

Her qualitative research, exploring the perspectives of participants in a number of psychedelic research studies, gave rise to her interest in the common theme of 'connectedness to Self, others, and the world' as an important aspect of psychedelic treatment. Rosalind co-hosts the monthly 'Psychedelic Integration Group' in London, alongside Michelle Baker Jones.

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