Sam Gandy

Dying To Live.

Can transcendent experiences help us die better deaths? And can the wisdom gained through transformational experiences help us live better lives?

A talk on how experiences through psychedelics can alleviate death anxiety and help us prepare for the inevitable. Experiences through psychedelics, near-death experiences (NDE’s) and out of body experi-
ences (OBE’s) can transform human personality and deeply affect the way we view life and death. Can these experiences provide us with a link to a core unitive human transcendent experience, or are there many petals on the lotus flower?

The insight and wisdom gained through these experiences may have much to teach us about how we can die better deaths and live better lives.

Sam has a PhD in ecological science from the University of Aberdeen and an MRes in entomology from Imperial College London. He has a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife and has been fortunate enough to conduct field research in various parts of the world including the UK, Kefalonia, Almeria, Texas, the Peruvian Amazon, Vietnam and Ethiopia, both solo and as part of a team, in a variety of conditions and environments. In more recent years he has grown a passionate interest in consciousness, altered states and psychedelics.

Over the years he has written papers, book chapters, articles and spoken at conferences on these topics, and he is fascinated by the potentials of psychedelics and how they can be used for the betterment of humanity. He currently collaborates with the Psychedelics Research department of Imperial College, London University.