Skanda Gopal
Founder & director of the UP Life Network


Take a moment to come back down to ground. This workshop involves a gentle foray into foundational Qi energy work, revealing the keys to manifesting, accessing and harnessing bio-energetic feedback rhythms. Using a selection of tools and techniques that are rooted in Zen and Buddhist traditions, participants will be led through a series of heart-centering exercises that facilitate a deepening of awareness through body-sensing, guided visualisation and breathwork. Honing in on the dynamic interplay between inner and outer states, these exercises allow the practitioner to be totally present and integrated within their own personal cosmology.

Skanda is the founder & Director of the UP Life Network, an organisation dedicated to bringing synergy to local communities through mentoring and teaching. After graduating from Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, he found his passion in working with children and young adults in the role of teacher of science, maths & mindfulness. Having discovered esoteric mysticism, psychedelia and occult practice in his early twenties, Skanda set about acquiring the tools that would enable any practitioner, whether experienced or not, to transcend all self-imposed limitations. He is currently the Head of Science at a university technical college in London.