Stuart Verity
Workshop facilitator

Posture, Eyes, Movement and the entheogenic experience

How movement and stillness meditation and dancing are used within the Brazilian Ayahuasca lineages such as Santo Daime and Umbandaime. Ongoing daily meditation, movement and awareness practices for psyconaughtical health stability and integration.

Outline of Workshop Presentation
1. What are the subtle effects on the body, mind and awareness when Lying down, Sitting or Standing while in an Entheogenic meditative state?
2. How are the modalities of sitting, standing and coordinated line dancing used by the Brazilian Meistrei Irineu Ayahuasca/Daime lineages such as Santo Daime, Santo Alto?
3. How are the more freestyle, archetypal and spinning dances used during Santo Daime spirit incorporation works and Umbandaime Gira ceremonies?
4. How meditation in lying, sitting and standing, as well as moving meditations such as Tai Chi or Qi/Nei Gong movements can help as a daily practice for integrating higher Entheogenic insights and states into permanent traits.

Stuart Verity, while as an Art student in Leeds, started his meditative/ entheogenic journey in the autumn of 1988 after foraging for liberty caps in Golden Acre Park. Then after reading Robert Anton Wilson's many books that suggest balancing psychedelics/entheogens with disciplined meditation and movement practice, Stuart initially took up Vipasana meditation and Qi Gong. Then since 1998 till present has been a member and drinking Ayahuasca with the Santo Daime and training/ teaching Taichi and continuing meditation practice in Buddhist Rime Dzogchen tradition. On many occasions, over the past 20 years, Stuart has provided Taichi, Qigong and meditation practice for Santo Daime camps and retreats with Entheogenic integration in mind and enjoys encouraging ongoing dedicated, disciplined meditation and movement practices in the entheogenic community to help investigate and integrate the entheogenic orientated Satori realm.