William Rowlandson
Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Drumming Meditation

Repetitive rhythms have been employed across time and cultures for the purpose of entering altered states of consciousness. One well-documented method is the steady, quite rapid, beat of a large resonant drum. With practice and guidance, it is possible to navigate the dream-like state induced by such repetitive techniques and to follow the cascade of images towards a given objective. This may be for reflection, meditation or to summon healing energy for oneself or others, to focus on a particular dilemma, or to seek resolution to relationship difficulties.

In this workshop William will introduce the ancient story of the drum and its role in altered states of consciousness and we will introduce ourselves and share our intentions for the drum journeys ahead. You will be invited to lie comfortably, perhaps with eye shades, and to follow the steady beat of the large frame drum into the imaginal realm. This will be followed by gentle group reflection, followed by a new drum journey and further reflection.

William is a Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of Kent. He has a strong interest in the 'imaginal,' mysticism, and altered states of consciousness. William is a keen drummer having performed many years in PeloMar Samba band. These two interests have merged in his interest in drumming to alter consciousness.