Yakir Elkayam
Independent researcher

A Meditative Journey into the Body’s Proprioception

Our senses act as the only intermediate gate between existence and the perception of the existence. The workshop will facilitate the setting required for enhanced experimentation in the interoceptive experience so that body patterns and mind itself can become more evident. The proprioception element, outlines the felt self at the present moment in the present place. The act of realising the felt body reveals the dynamic integration it has with the whole body and self. This bodily expression of the minds habitual patterns in the way we somatically hold our emotions and memories is then encouraged to manifest fully until it becomes exhausted and released through surrendering.

Yakir Elkayam is an independent researcher exploring the relationship between the anatomical patterns of the body and the mental patterns of the psyche. Yakir gained his B.Ed in dance-theater and continued to specialise in the Feldenkrais method and craniosacral therapy. He is a founder of a bodywork clinic where he applies an integrative Feldenkrais method which draws on Buddhism, body awareness, and anatomy, to advance the alignment of body and mind.